Dancing to the sound of drizzles, competition of paper boats, soaking in the first shower with friends - the favourite season of kids is here again, promising splashes of fun, frolic & vivacity as always! As much fit the time may be to get wild n dirty while having a blast after that scorching summer spell, monsoon arrives with quick temperature shift & host of other issues which need baby-proofing. Here goes some pro-tips from Bumchums so that the tiny tots enjoy the season to the fullest sans falling prey to weather-hazards.

  • Habit of Hygiene: Wading through water puddles & muddy soccer match sure feels amazing, but carry enormous risk of being infected. Inculcating the practice of personal hygiene especially handwashing after coming from outdoors is an absolute must for toddlers & adults as well to keep germs & diseases at bay.

Habit of Hygiene

  • Munch on Goodness:What is monsoon without gorging on some yummy fried & street food? While kids are in love with junks, it’s better to exercise caution during monsoon to avoid messing the gut.  It’s always best to serve them fresh healthy snacks, especially immunity foods like dry fruits, fruits like banana, pomegranate & lemons for maintaining the dose of Vitamin C & anti-oxidants among children. If you must give in to their demands, be sure to make the occasional yummies at home to ensure the quality & freshness. Keep the food and other ingredients in airtight containers to prevent them from getting damp.

Munch on Goodness

  • Avoid Water Woes: Water-borne diseases are common in rainy season. Switching to boiled or double-filtered water for kids can be a smart parenting choice. Also be sure to avoid water stagnation in & around house that can lead to mosquito infestation.  

Avoid Water Woes

  • Adequate Adventure Time: It’s the time to play! Don’t prevent your kid from getting some outdoor air, provided they are properly protected against the weather. If they are hitting a park or playground, casual tees paired with shorts or capris in colourful shades can be a smart outfit choice for easy wash n wear.

Adequate Adventure Time

  • Dress for the weather: The gloom in weather calls for colors that shine as bright as sun! Loose-fitting attires in cotton fabric & jazzy colors should be the season staples for the junior rockstars, because ‘comfort matters’ the most. Don’t forget to pack in an extra pair of clothes & funky raingear for that sudden spell, along with wet wipes for removing the dirt quickly.

Dress for the weather

  • Warm It Up: Consistent rain can cause sudden drop in temperature. Means extra caution for the toddlers & tiny ones at home! Some hot soup n fluids, with cozy blankets & full-length loungers as warm as your snuggle- there goes the recipe for a perfect drizzling evening with your lil champ at home. For going out, clad him well in a hoodie or sweatshirt to prevent the cold & wind.

Warm It Up

Monsoon can be a delightful time for kids, provided you act as their umbrella & shield them well. Follow these to make the fullest of the magic & music of the season with them & Bumchums! Happy Monsoon!