If you are a fan of trending page 3 fashion & airport looks, and wonder how effortlessly elegant & extravagant our favourite celebs & influencers look in every outing, you cannot help but notice the one thing that’s common, and no, that’s not just their attitude. Instead of going overboard with OTT style, fluid & undone chic is ruling the wardrobe of every celebrity across the globe. From dressy sweatpants, jumpsuits to shorts n hoodies, loungewears are making noise as global style trend thanks to the fashion A-listers.

So if you are also tired of sporting a denim for your every casual outing and want to unravel the secret of relaxed, casual fashion that can be worn from couch to café, here are some style-inspos from Bumchums team to see you through the latest trends to rock loungewear for any outdoor occasion.


  1. Loving Thy Skin Loungers –

Heading out of the door in a pair of loungers without risking looking sloppy? Totally possible! If styled properly, your go-to loungers is also capable of serving looks amazingly upscale & classy. Try to opt for a solid-colored lounging pant and pair it with a classic white or black T-shirt for a simple yet put-together look. For a more streetwear-inspired style, throw on a denim jacket over your loungers and T-shirt ensemble that’ll add a touch of sophistication while keeping you comfortable.

Loving Thy Skin Loungers

  1. Twist The Trend T-shirts -

From sleep-time comfort to cool fashion statement, Tees are something that can effortlessly be styled with anything & for anything. To turn your regular Polo Tshirt into a stylish outerwear ensemble, just pair itwith shorts or jeans to create a smart-casual appearance. If you want to add a pop of personality to your loungewear, choose a graphic tee & club with jeans or chinos for an easygoing but stylish look.

Twist The Trend T-shirts

  1. Breezy & Boho Bermudas -

Bermudas for outdoor? Hell yes!!! Whether you are in a beach holiday, hiking trip or an intimate hang-out with friends, opt for a bermudas or shorts for that relaxed yet stylish outdoor look. Combine a brightly colored one with a neutral T-shirt, while a solid Bermuda paired with printed half shirts will make you breezing with oh-so-Hawai vibes. For maximum comfort and style, pair your Bermudas with casual sneakers or slip-on shoes.

Breezy & Boho Bermudas

  1. Comfy Chic Pajamas -

From being a snooze-time buddy to a daytime fashion thing, humble PJs have come a long way. With blend of athleisures & loungewear, pajamas these days are so versatile that you can confidently wear them outdoors. Choose a printed pajama with round neck tee for an effortlessly coordinated look while you hit the nearbuy supermarket or go for a stroll.  To make it look more outdoor-friendly, throw on a lightweight jacket or a zip-up hoodie. This not only adds style but also keeps you prepared for unpredictable autumn weather these days.

Comfy Chic Pajamas

  1. Mix and Match Tips

To get the most out of your loungewear, pay attention to color coordination. Neutral tones are versatile and easy to mix with bolder colors. Also, don't forget to accessorize. A simple cap, sunglasses, or a stylish belt can elevate your loungewear outfit up a few notches.

Mix and Match Tips

Loungewear is no longer confined to the indoors. Bumchums brings you a loungewear range that effortlessly blends comfort with style, making it perfect for an outdoor spin. From loungers to T-shirts, polo T-shirts, bermudas, and pajamas, you have plenty of options to create a fashionable and laid-back look. Mix and match these pieces to suit your style and personality, and you'll be ready to rock loungewear for any outdoor occasion.

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