Every year in October or November, people all over the world celebrate Deepawali, a five-day festival that is one of the biggest and most significant celebrations of the year in India. This religious festival is also known as the Festival of Lights. Deepawali is celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and hope over despair. Bumchums has listed down such occasions where the excitement stays at its peak during Deepawali:

Deepawali Gift

Dhanteras: Since the beginning of time, Dhanteras has been associated with new acquisitions in both tradition and belief. The belief that purchasing anything new and costly on this day will bring luck and wealth is strongly ingrained in Indian culture and religion. On the thirteenth day of the Kartika Krishna Paksha, which falls in the month of Kartik, Dhanteras is observed. In India, individuals make investments in utensils or purchase gold, silver jewellery and New Attire on this fortunate day. This is how they invite Maa Lakshmi into their home.

Giving Love to each other

Shopping: It's customary to don new clothing on Deepawali because, according to the Indian calendar, the holiday marks the start of a new year and the burial of all the last year's bad memories. Wearing Brand New Clothing is merely a symbolic act to mark these events. According to the Hindu Dharma, when we dress, it not only helps us absorb Divine energies from the environment but also protects us from harmful energies, which are required for both our physical and mental bodies.

Festival of Lights

Deepawali gifts: The main purpose of the Deepawali gift-exchanging tradition is to enhance the sense of community, love, and affection. By giving gifts, people can express their deepest sympathies, blessings, wishes, and thanks for their loved ones. To share love and happiness with everyone, people exchange presents on Deepawali. A long-standing custom associated with the Deepawali holiday is gift-giving. Any gift given or received on Deepawali is joyful, no matter how big or small it is. Then what's better than Bumchums Tees to gift this Deepawali?

Wear cotton rich loungers for safety

Family Get-Together: Families should join together on a festival day like Deepawali because it gives a family an identity because every family has its own traditions. This festival provides plenty of time for reverence, sharing, love, joy, laughter, and fun. All family members have the chance to join together during Deepawali to deepen their relationships through joyful celebrations. Let's make this Deepawali a great family event that includes not just our immediate family but also the less fortunate. Let's make them happy so that we can also be happy.

Home Decorations: This celebration of lights would not be complete without the use of Deepawali diyas, one of the most traditional objects to decorate the household. These decorations are meant to welcome visitors, especially the Goddess Lakshmi, who will bring luck and money to the family. Clean your wardrobe and sort the Bumchums Shorts and Capris properly to give a stylish look! Celebrate Deepawali by lighting diyas, clay lamps to decorate homes and welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and success.

Eco-Friendly Crackers: Deepawali without firecrackers is incomplete! But mind you, let's stick strictly to green firecrackers, keeping Mother Nature in mind. Green Firecrackers are environmentally friendly firecrackers that eliminate pollution and health risks. These are promoted as eco-friendly substitutes for traditional firecrackers and will assist in enjoying Deepawali in an environmentally friendly way. Wear Cotton-Rich Loungers of Bumchums when setting off fireworks. It offers the highest level of fire safety as cotton clothing does not easily catch fire.


During Deepawali or, in fact, in any festival, shopping has become the main essence. Bumchums is a brand whose products can be purchased at any point of time around the year, be it for any occasion due to their quality and affordability. It's time to celebrate the festival of lights to the fullest by wearing and adorning only the best!